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Acquisition Supplier Portal (ASP) System

PNNL's Business Opportunities in Contracting

Battelle Memorial Institute operates the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the Department of Energy (DOE) under Contract No. DE-AC05-76RL01830. Battelle is committed to providing DOE the best value possible in all of its contract awards, soliciting best-in-class expertise in a competitive market from reliable and responsible contractors and architects, who demonstrate the skill, experience, and qualifications necessary to safely and effectively perform the intended work. To accomplish this, Battelle intends to merge the integrity and character of traditional face-to-face business relationships with the speed and efficiency of today's information technology.

Contractor Qualifications (Construction Contractors Only)

Contractors interested in working with Battelle are encouraged to submit an electronic Qualification Statement. Approved qualifications are valid for a period of one year and subject to annual renewal. Unless otherwise indicated in a specific advertised solicitation, General Contractors are required to be approved prior to submitting in response to an Invitation for Bid, and subcontractors are required to be approved prior to performing any onsite work.

Areas of Contractor capabilities evaluated in the Qualification Statement include:

  • Environmental Safety and Health

Submit Qualifications

Help instructions for completing the qualification statements:

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